“International Symposium on Beach Protection and Restoration around the South China Sea (SCS)” is hosted by The Chinese Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research and Third Institute of Oceanography (TIO), Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). This international symposium aims to promote marine ecological civilization, encourages participants to share researches, practices and experience about the coastal protection and restoration. The symposium would be one of the high-level academic exchange with great promotion and influence in the coastal protection and restoration. This international symposium sponsored by TIO is going to be held in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China in August, 2022.

The international symposium will be beneficial to the widely cooperation in ecological restoration and disaster prevention and mitigation, enhance the bilateral and multilateral cooperation among China and ASEAN countries and promote progress together in the field of marine ecological restoration and coastal management.

Important Info.

August, 2022
Meeting duration
4 days
Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

CONTACTS (Meeting Arrangements)

Cao Chao, caochao@tio.org.cn, +86-18030085312
Zhao Shaohua, zhaoshaohua@tio.org.cn, +86-18818260025
Yang Wei, yangwei@tio.org.cn, +86-18959202070


The symposium includes but not be limited to listed above topics. We would like to add more related topics for wider knowledge sharing. For more information or suggestions, kindly contact the event’s Secretariat by caochao@tio.org.cn or visit the official website of TIO (http://en.tio.org.cn/).

Coastal vulnerability and coastal erosion

  • The interplay mechanisms between coastal geomorphology and coastal ecosystem
  • Coastal erosion and vulnerability along coasts around the SCS
  • The causes of coastal erosion under the global changes
  • The assessment for coastal vulnerability and the risk of coastal erosion 

Research and application of coastal protection and restoration technology

  • The problems, lessons, and experiences about the development and utilization of coastal zone around the SCS
  • The application of innovative technology in beach protection and restoration
  • The techniques of typical tropic coastal ecosystem restoration and their applications
  • Nature-based integrated coastal management
  • Living coasts and resilient coasts

Beach resources and its sustainable development

  • The beach distribution and evolution around the SCS
  • Beach morphodynamic processes and evolution
  • The development and utilization of beach resources
  • Ecological protection and sustainability about beach resources


Oct. 20, 2021, open invitation for topics and participants

Dec. 15, 2021, first circular for registration and submission of abstract

Mar. 15, 2022, Second circular submission of manuscripts

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Jun. 30, 2022, deadline of manuscript submission;

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Jul. 15, 2022, third circular




Third Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources


APEC Marine Sustainable Development Center